Is your virtual presence in order?

Any-time can be a great time for working your way through a few items on your perpetual To-Do list. Congratulations if this includes creating or updating your Virtual Network! It is so critical to keep your information up-to-date and relevant.

Your online profile is a terrific opportunity to present your unique brand to the corporate world. You will find many tips on how to create an excellent brand for yourself in my blog posts, on the site, or in my books.

Keep the private and the corporate worlds apart: Your business network – such as LinkedIn – can work very well for you if you post relevant business related information. Pictures from your last party, your children’s drawings, and pet stories belong to Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know what turns up if your name is googled? You may find yourself surprised how much information Google digs up about you, or how minimal your presence may be.

Keep your image consistent and relevant. If your image is inconsistent through various sites or posts, you are sending conflicting branding messages about yourself.

The internet is a great and highly valuable tool for very effective networking. Do take advantage of the opportunities through online networking. Partner with those who can benefit from your connections and reach out to those who are in transition.

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