Why adopting a consultant’s mentality provides both job security and satisfaction

Its funny but sometimes the route between where we are now and what we were meant to do (or believe we were meant to do) is not always a direct or straight line.  In fact in many instances what we do today does not usually reflect our passion but our need to earn an income.  That being said, and adhering to the grow where you are planted axiom, we can however find total fulfilment in our present station when we adopt a consultant’s mentality.

What is a consultant’s mentality?

As outlined in the video below, it is through the prioritization of what you do with an eye towards identifying and achieving the results that correspond with your organization’s goals or objectives, that the greatest level of personal satisfaction and achievement can be attained.

Of course one may ask a question to which there is a seemingly obvious answer . . . why beyond keeping my job to pay the bills would I go that extra mile.  After all, this isn’t my dream job.

Well here is something that probably won’t surprise you, but according to a 2006 survey “more than four out of five U.S. workers do not have their dream jobs.”  What’s even more interesting is that relative to this finding it would seem that the definition of one’s dream job is not positionally or vocationally-based, but is instead determined by mindset or frame of mind, which includes work ethic.

In essence you can work your way into your dream job right now and right where you are, which brings us back full circle to the consultant’s mentality.

Through this new lens, take a few minutes to watch the above video a second time, and you will begin to better understand the consultant’s mentality but, you will also better understand how it applies specifically to you and your present position.



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