As Elmer Fudd likes to say “BE VE-W-W-WY, VE-W-W-WY CAREFUL” when making social networking connections

Seriously, think carefully about who you invite to connect with you, who you link with, and who you recommend.

There are serial network users who simply collect as many connections and links as they can. They are at worst internet joiners and name hoarders, not networkers; still not as harmful as those who lurk around and ask every incoming connection to recommend them.

You should not be connecting with anyone without having a professional or personal relationship with them.

Do not recommend anyone unless you are familiar with their work. Too many people are gaming the system by exchanging recommendations for each other without really knowing very much about that person.

We are in the age of instant communication. Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and multiple other social networking sites out there, your name and reputation can suffer instant damage simply because you associated yourself with a person you didn’t really know.

While you are at it, be careful what you post. Poor postings, questionable subject matter, risky opinions, and bad grammar and spelling all reflect poorly on your professionalism, your reputation, your image, your name and thus your brand.

Maintain decorum and don’t be too familiar with people unless you get comfort clues from them. This stuff never goes away! Even if deleted, Google and The Wayback Machine can find it.

So, between Elmer Fudd and Hill Street Blues, Lets be careful out there people.



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