In the world of business, knowing how to push the dress code envelope can make all the difference between credibility and dismissive ridicule

It’s official. “Today” co-host Ann Curry is one of television’s most stylish women. So says a recent New York Times piece that evaluated Ann’s fashion-forward clothing choices.

Bill and Steve Harrison’s Reporter Connection

Ann Curry’s style,  is absolutely an eye opener and pleaser when it comes to appearing stylish and current.

She’s stunning and talks with a deep authoritative voice which enhances her credibility.

However it should be noted that prior positions had her dressing more conservatively.  As a co-host, she now has earned the credentials and right to be more out there.  Her audience is varied in age and she does not have to walk into a board room of dark power suits where she would need to compete to be heard.  In the corporate world, she would have a tough time being taken seriously in bubblegum pink swing dresses and stiletto heels.

What is interesting is that her co-anchor Matt (Lauer) dresses to kill but keeps more conservative. In the world of business, Matt proves that while it is alright to push the envelope it is important to remember these key rules;

1. Know your industry

2. Fit in and stand out at the same time

3.  Don’t be distracting or seductive

4.  Dress for your next position

5.  Look how those on top dress

(even Bill Gates upped his style as he became more visible…got new glasses, better clothes and certainly a more current haircut

6.  If you want to be a trendsetter, opt for more conservative in business world but create your own signature style, i.e. Regis with his monochromatic tie and shirt of several years ago.  I believe he may even had his own line out to capitalize on his own style but not sure if he got paid or manufacturers copied him.

What does your manner of dress say about you?

So in summary, I love Ann’s elegantly unique look; secretly wish I could abandon good sense and dare to dress like Lady GaGa but then I would have no business other than plenty of stares!



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3 responses to “In the world of business, knowing how to push the dress code envelope can make all the difference between credibility and dismissive ridicule”

  1. thetravelingmother says :

    Roz–I read your newsletters from top to bottom as they are always full of excellent advice! The blog is great too! “How to dress for work” should be a prerequisite to graduating college! When I first hit the work force, I can remember my mother telling me to “dress like your manager and their manager and then you won’t get in trouble”. In most cases, that probably works!

    • piblogger says :

      Roz has been traveling extensively lately, but I know that she will very much appreciate your kind comment regarding the newsletter. We are delighted that you are also joining here on the blog. I know that you will also enjoy her new radio program and invite you to check out upcoming shows under the Remarkable Leaders tab at the top of the blog’s main page.

    • rozcoach says :

      Love your Mother’s advise. I just got off a conference call, asking that I address visual presence for a large pharmaceutical company. They too believe that new hires must dress for the workforce and understand how important visual impact contributes to creating first impressions with their customer base. Thanks for sharing!!!

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