Godin’s warning to the average worker timely but, when has average been good enough?!

I agree that we have to adapt to the speed of change in the workplace.  Success has been redefined today and it’s not about working harder.  Success is only success when others acknowledge your value.

Forget about what you think of yourself and your contributions, unless, of course, you are willing to be expendable. Choosing to work from back stage or resisting the opportunities to be visible and heard in meetings, particularly with senior leadership will set you up for failure.  You need to be seen, heard and sought after for your expertise.

In today’s workforce, many of us are forced to wear many hats. We see the ranks getting thinner due to attrition or layoffs. With no one to pick up the slack, we are forced to do not only our own jobs but many other tasks as well, in areas where we probably lack competence.  Where possible, select projects where you know you can add your own unique value. You may not have the authority to refuse certain assignments but you can still position yourself for greater success.  Become your best PR person and and explain to your boss/management where you can add the greatest value and why.  This is not about conceit but about reinforcing your commitment to making a bigger difference.

Invest time in showcasing your greatest strengths.  Become known as a “rainmaker” in your area of expertise.  If you’re wasting time improving your mediocre skill-sets, you’re subjecting your reputation to being just average! Sure, it’s important to improve your weaknesses to acceptable levels but you’re probably less motivated and fulfilled.  So…invest time in enhancing your expertise and choose to volunteer for projects where you can shine.  Start branding yourself as an expert instead of a jack-of-all-trades!

So how do you reposition your personal brand and adapt to the change or changes to which Godin has referred?

Here are six tips to help you to identify greater opportunities to make both you and your company successful.

Tip #1: Build greater awareness of what you are like at your personal best through self observation or seeking out feedback from your stakeholders.

Tip #2: Focus on showcasing others’ success rather than operating as the lone ranger.

Tip #3: Visualize your desired outcome but be in alignment with your organization’s vision

Tip #4: Look at the cost of doing the work you do and manage the experiences others have of you.

Tip #5: Eliminate one-size fits all approach when managing relationships on all levels, from personality, generation and cultural differences.

TIP #6: Learn what motivates individuals, study group dynamics and speak their language.

About the picture: The picture we used for today’s post is from the very first segment of the CBS hit show Undercover Boss in which Waste Management’s C.O.O. at the time Lawrence O’Donnell III went undercover at his own company in an effort to connect with and better understand the mindset of his front line employees.  Here he meets a worker who actually fired the senior executive during the show for not possessing the skill sets to do the assigned tasks in the appointed time.



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