Chance or fortune favors the prepared mind: Are you putting yourself in the position to win!

I have always strongly believed in the principle behind the famous words of Louis Pasteur who said that “chance favors the prepared mind.”

It is one of those simple yet powerful statements that cut through the noise of our desires and daily challenges to crystallize what we can do to help ourselves to both overcome and achieve.

Nowhere was this more evident to me than two weeks ago, when my son finally got into Disney to design artwork and products.

It took him years (and I mean years) to get good enough to be recognized by Disney.  When he was five, he took art lessons.  Japanese lessons when he was eleven. We used to draw cartoons together.  Now he has been recognized.  It’s been a long journey but competitors might say he had luck.  But I believe that one’s luck is determined by the perseverance and courage to stay the course and not give up. Or to put it another way, the harder and more persistent my work the luckier I get.

Time and time again, the above edict or value principle has proven itself to be true.

A very close friend of mine once related a story about his coming in at the 11th hour to bid for a multimillion dollar contract with one of the world’s largest accounting firms.

Having never done business with the firm in question, he scheduled a meeting with the senior executive in charge of the selection committee and proceeded to talk with him at length about the purpose for the bid and what the firm really wanted to accomplish.  During the follow-up meeting the next day, as the two individuals worked together to address any gaps in my friend’s presentation, the firm’s executive paused and made the comment that this was the first time that anyone had approached him to seek his input to this extent.

Armed with this insight my friend delivered his presentation to the firm’s directors and to everyone’s surprise (except his) he won the first of what would be several multimillion dollar contracts.

The moral of the story with both my son and friend is that they took the initiative to recognize and overcome the apparent obstacles to realize their dreams and objectives.

What is interesting about these stories and similar ones to them is that earned luck as I will call it, knows no limitations as it relates to age, position in the corporate hierarchy, sex or for that matter any of the supposed differentiations that we use to both define and confine our opportunities in the world.

The most important thing for you to realize is that you are the only one who can take that first step towards success and in the process unlock the converging powers of chance or fortune in your life.

Citing the oft repeated words of Sean Connery’s character in the movie The Untouchables . . . “what are you prepared to do now?!”

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4 responses to “Chance or fortune favors the prepared mind: Are you putting yourself in the position to win!”

  1. Debbie Ruston says :

    Absolutely Jon….the harder one works towards their defined passionate goal, the luckier one gets. Often, those that don’t understand this simple concept believe you are lucky to achieve the goal…..that is the time to share the next simple lesson….”yes, and you can be lucky too”….

    • piblogger says :

      It is indeed simple isn’t it Debbie . . . I can recall landing a major contract and some people seeing the end result assumed that it simply fell into place. However, when I talked about the “behind the scenes” effort that went into winning the contract many were shocked and some even discouraged as they were not prepared to put in the time and the effort.

      Roz as yourself are spot on re luck being in proportion to both hard work and perseverance. I mean what would have happened had Seth Godin quit – which he almost did in discouragement that no one was actually reading what he wrote. Of course the rest as they say is history as Seth hung in there to become one of the most influential present day authors.

  2. Jeff Kosor says :

    Wonderful and encouraging article, Roz. Thanks for contuing to provide the world with quality words of advice.



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