In today’s job market having a passion for what you do is no longer a luxury (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this post, I talked about the need to recognize that the game as it relates to the current job market has changed.

At the heart of this new reality is the fact that you must align your passion with your work to move from merely punching a clock and earning a paycheck to being able to deliver results and in the process build an “in-demand” brand.

With this in mind, in today’s post I will share with you the steps you must take to make the move from ordinary to extraordinary and in the process help you to find the passion within your current position or, to leverage your unique capabilities to chart and conquer new horizons.

To start, you have recognize the fact that you have inherent unique abilities that will allow you to distinguish yourself from others.  You possess natural talents you were born with.  If you can identify these talents and be able to articulate them, you will find your passion and be able to align them with the right position.  This is not a five minute exercise since most people get so caught up in trying to fit the role of a title.  When you are clear in what makes you successful naturally, you can then create a unique brand which will make you more marketable and provide you with the greatest level of self-satisfaction and motivation.

To begin, you will find greater fulfillment if you can remove yourself for seeking a position with a title.  If you are looking to move up in your company or find a new job, you have a better chance at success if  you are able to articulate what you love doing that brings guaranteed results.  In this way, you are demonstrating your value and can then position how you can make a bigger difference to the organization.

To get you started, I recommend the following process:

  • Think about what you are great at and talents that come naturally.
  • Look back at your successes.  What skill-sets, talents, capabilities showed up to make it happen
  • Consider the work that you are involved in today and in the past:  Where does energy flow when you are using a particular talent?
  • List the positive feedback you have received from employers, again past and present.  What specific talents did they identify?
  • Ask people (business and personal) if they were going to open their own company, what position would they want you to fill and why.  In this way, you can see what others value in you most.  Probably these skill-sets will be what you most love doing.

Do you see any particular patterns coming out?  Are specific capabilities repeating themselves?  Do these capabilities feel natural to you?  When you use them, are you totally enthralled with the work?  Do you head into the zone?

During a recent interview, famed Producer David Foster said that whenever he succeeded it was due to the fact that he “pursued his passion” as opposed to “making money.”

The most difficult challenge is to isolate one or two natural skill-sets because we all do so much.  Yet when we are using what’s most natural to us, we are always successful.


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