FedEx Commercials and the Toxic Boss (Stealing Ideas)

I recently posted a series of articles on dealing with a toxic boss to which I have received a tremendous response.

By writing the series, I did not want to give the impression that anyone who holds a position of leadership is automatically going to look for ways to deliberately make your life miserable and derail your career.  That said we are all nonetheless familiar either directly or through the experience of others, with the challenges of having to work for someone who is less than supportive.

In my research for another post, the following FedEx commercial presented a truth about which we can perhaps smile if for no other reason than the fact that we have all been there at one point in our career.

While the old saying that originality is the ability to conceal your source may seem amusing, no one with whom I have talked finds any humor in a situation where a boss has laid claim to their ideas.

As an executive coach I am frequently asked how to deal with scenarios that arise in the workplace such as when a boss poaches an employee’s idea.

My advice in this regard is to say something, but unlike the employee in the FedEx commercial, do so in a fashion that repossesses your idea as opposed to calling your boss out.

How do you repossess your idea?  Simply add information to what your boss has already said to which they would not have anything else to contribute.  By doing this, you avoid confrontation but you also get to reclaim your power.

Do you have a story or experience with a toxic boss that you would like to share?

I am interested in hearing from you by way of the comment section below, including what you did to resolve the situation.


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