What “frame” of mind are you in today? (Part 4 of 4)

Do you ever feel a disconnect between where you want to be and where you are?

Perhaps the question this raises is not one of intent but of executable self-worth.  What do I mean when I say executable self-worth?

In an article written a little more than a year ago by Seth Godin, he made the following observation:

“However, if you’re different somehow and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more, Godin says.

Instead of waiting around for someone to tell you that you matter, take your career into your own hands. In other words, don’t wait for someone else to pick you and pick yourself! If you have a book, you don’t need a publisher to approve you, you can publish it yourself. It’s no longer about waiting for some big corporation to choose you. We’ve arrived at an age where you choose yourself.”

This to me exemplifies the very principle behind the need to become the CEO of Your Own Destiny!

Don't wait to be picked . . .

Don’t wait to be picked . . .

So how to you make the practical transition from good intent to positive outcomes?  Here are a few tips:

Be value-driven. The place to start is by being value-driven. When your values are clear, then decisions are easy. If you lead with your values, then you will know where you stand and be able to walk away when something does not feel right.

Being value-driven helps you distinguish yourself by understanding when to say no to something.  It is these values upon which you will build your reputation.  In other words, “You’ve got to walk your talk!” to inspire other people to see you as role model and someone with whom they want to work.

Adopt authenticity with intention. You hear a lot of talk these days about the importance of being authentic.  True authenticity demonstrates to others that you are intentional with your strategies and actions.

An authentic personal brand is the most valuable asset you have as an individual. Your personal brand is your reputation. It becomes your legacy.

Your behavior and actions must reflect who you are, not who you think other people want you to be.

Be a team creator. Team creators differentiate themselves by going beyond being team players to understanding how teams work and the way to get the best out of each member. Team creation is the ability to recognize the people that a team needs and bring them together around a common goal. Many people have street smarts, but, in today’s environment, having team smarts is an important differentiator.

Focus on the experience. Make your brand experiential. The more experiential an interaction is, the more you will pull people in to play with you. One way to do this is to anchor the experience of you in the senses.

Pay attention to the sensory details you are projecting, like your tone of voice and your handshake. Think about first impressions and creating a mood of comfort and safety.

Forget the past. To differentiate yourself in today’s market, you have to adopt the mindset that what worked in the past no longer guarantees success in the present. We all need to be new and improved. This does not mean being young but is about bringing new ideas. The myth is that the young bring the newest ideas, but this is not always true. Often the most cutting-edge ideas come from seasoned experts who have been in the game for a while and combine their considerable experience with a new perspective. Your ability to provide innovative ideas will be critical to your success and the perception of your overall value.

Be repetitive. Rather than just sharing your viewpoint in a meeting once in a while, strive for continuous visibility. The goal is to gain repeated exposure of your ideas and accomplishments in a manner that demonstrates your ability to help your boss and those you seek to serve achieve their goals.

It’s like watching TV. The same commercials tend to repeat several times throughout the same program or event. They do that because advertisers know that if you see something six or seven times, it becomes familiar to you.

So let people hear you. Let people see you. Let people know what you’re doing and what you can do to make their lives better.

In the end, distinguishing yourself is about being present with relaxed awareness. It’s the discipline to find the opportunities, the patience to wait until the right time to take action, and the kindness of heart to support others in their greatness.  After all, this is the way that any good CEO works!



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2 responses to “What “frame” of mind are you in today? (Part 4 of 4)”

  1. Kathleen Wilson (@mkathleenwilson) says :

    Roz, I loved this series about your “frame” of mind. Made me rethink how I am perceived by others and how my actions will speak louder than my words. Thank you Kathleen

  2. idogwalkdwp says :

    2 thoughts re Part 4.
    First, when a commercial repeats itself 6 times in a one hour program my reaction is to NEVER buy whatever is being sold as they have already annoyed me to death. Twice maybe in case one did not catch all the info the first time. Or advertise the same product but in different circumstances. with different actors. But when the commercial comes on and then is re-aired in the SAME break that is just wrong!
    6 times tells me the seller thinks I am stupid.

    Second. How does one publish one’s own book?!

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