The Future of You! Book Excerpt featuring 2x Mr. Universe Winner Nordine Zouareg

As indicated in my previous post, my new book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand is now available through Kickstarter.

The entire book provides great insights and practical guidance in terms of creating your personal brand so that you will stand out and succeed in the new reputation economy.  One of my favorite chapters is the 9th chapter, which features industry leaders and celebrities who personally took the time to share their expertise within the pages of The Future of You!

Nordine Zouareg book cover

In today’s book excerpt, I will share with you Nordine Zouareg’s thoughts on the importance of aligning your authentic self with your outward facing brand.  Nordine, author of Mind Over Body, is a former 2x Mr. Universe Winner whose clients have included Oprah Winfrey;

When I spoke with two-time Mr. Universe winner Nordine Zouareg recently, his simple but powerful observation that “how you live your life is how you live your brand” highlighted what I consider to be the linchpin for both personal as well as professional success.

Besides being the author of the book Mind Over Body, Zouareg, who is also a Celebrity Wellness Coach (whose many clients have included luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Sheen, and Secretary of State John Kerry), stressed the importance of being able to walk the talk.  “In essence, if there is a ‘disconnect’ between the image that you want to portray and the way in which you live your life (and values), you will inevitably undermine your brand and with it your creditability.”

According to Nordine, “You can’t fool people forever – including yourself.  By being true to ‘who you are’ and for what you stand at all times provides you with a firm and certain foundation upon which to build enduring success.”

This important principle was something I also talked about at length in a February 20th, 2012 post titled Aligning Your Brand with Your Personal Values Equals True Success.  This message of being true to yourself and your values takes on even greater importance in the new reputation economy.

Remember to click on my Kickstarter image below to watch my brief video, which provides a more detailed overview of my book, and to check out the wonderful gifts that are available as a token of my appreciation for your decision to support this exciting new project.

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