What is Kickstarter and why did I choose to launch my book through them?

The support by way of pledges for my new book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand has been terrific.  Thank you of course to those who have already pledged as you will be amongst the first to receive your copy of the book as well as some great gifts.

For those of you who would like to join the growing number of people who are pledging their support to receive a copy of the book but are not familiar with Kickstarter, the concept is both straight forward and exciting!

Quite simply, when you access my Kickstarter page through the link below, you can select one of many pledge options to receive the book itself along with the corresponding gift.  With pledge amounts ranging from $5 for an electronic copy of the book to $3,500 for an on-site Future of You! Seminar for 10 people (and yes, each one will receive a copy of the book), it has never been easier to take that first step towards creating your enduring brand.

So why did I choose to launch the book through Kickstarter?

Seth Godin had this to say about why he used Kickstarter for his most recent project The Icarus Deception:

“It’s easier than ever to spread a book, especially one that’s just digital. You can give it away for free and reach millions. The challenge is that it’s not on paper, it’s not easy to hand to someone else, and most of all, you lose the bookstore.

This project on Kickstarter is my way to organize the tribe, to send a signal to risk-averse publishers and booksellers (who have limited shelf space and limited paper). We can let them know loud and clear that this is a book that’s going to get talked about.Kickstarter coordinates and it amplifies.”

Your support by way of making a pledge so that I can achieve my goal of $5,000 is so important on so many levels – including the fact that it will help me to find the best publisher for my book.

Once again, please click on the link below to obtain your copy of The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand.

Thanks for your support and should you wish to launch a book through Kickstarter in the future, I would be delighted to share my journey.



Kickstarter Page Roz5 SMALL (Apr. 2013)



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