What does brand loyalty really mean (Part 1 of 2)?

When someone observes you treating people differently based on perceived status, the first seeds of mistrust are sewn.  They immediately start to wonder which one is the real you.  As a result, you quickly become a brand they cannot trust.  And you can’t build loyalty or a good reputation without trust.  Or to put it another way, what you need to do is to adopt brand discipline, which simply means that everything you do or say must remain consistent.

Excerpt from “The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand.”

I recently read an article titled Car Brands with the Most Loyal Drivers.  It got me to thinking what is brand loyalty and more specifically how you build it in terms of career advancement or client retention.

The article talked about the fact that while new brands are focused upon building their market presence, it is the established auto makers whose top priority is to get customers to stick with their brand. In other words, become the perpetual product of choice or go to product.

To attain this level of what I call a preferred preference in the business world, you have to first and foremost understand what your boss or client are looking for in terms of the attributes they believe are most important to your helping them to succeed.

Based on the research of several publications, such as the Harvard Business Review and Forbes, the values that are most prized in the business world are as follows:

•           Strong Work Ethic

•           Dependability and Responsibility

•           Possessing a Positive Attitude

•           Adaptability

•           Honesty and Integrity

•           Motivation

•           Motivation to Grow and Learn

•           Strong Self-Confidence

•           Professionalism

•           Loyalty

After reviewing the above list, ask yourself how your personal values or brand values align with the values that are most sought after in the workplace.

How would you define the above values?  In other words, when you see the term Honesty and Integrity, what does this mean to you?  How would your definition of honesty and integrity differ from that of someone else or your organization?

Once you have determined how these values come together to make your collective brand, you then have to establish a plan of action in terms of demonstrating these attributes on a daily basis so that you will become recognized as the go to person within your organization and/or with your clients.  This is what brand discipline is all about.

In Part 2 I will talk about implementing a strategy centered on creating and demonstrating brand discipline.

A perfect example of brand discipline?

A perfect example of brand discipline?



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