Do you have the Monday Morning Blues? by Roz Usheroff

A post from Lorenzo Sellers’ blog The Coaches Corner titled “PERSPECTIVE: HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WEEK” recently caught my attention as it reminded me of how we can all fall into a rut and get stuck as the result of how we view the world.  I am thinking about the half-full versus half-empty cup here.

Sellers’ simple, yet effective reference to what he calls the “Monday blues,” underlines the point that we become what we think, and how the power of negative self-talk can become a habit that slowly skews both our outlook and opportunities for the worse.

Roz Monday Blues

This is one of the main reasons why I wrote The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand.  I wanted to provide people with another way of looking at their careers and lives.

Instead of thinking (and acting) upon the false premise that “My hard work will speak for itself,” I talk about the importance of re-framing one’s thinking along the lines that “My hard work deserves to be noticed.”  This is a significant difference in that with the former we reduce ourselves to the role of spectator hoping that someone – anyone, will take notice and reward our efforts accordingly.  While with the latter, we are in essence calling ourselves to take action by becoming a champion for our efforts and accomplishments.  Or to put it another way, we recognize our own value rather than waiting around for someone to do it for us.  By acknowledging that to be seen we must be heard, we can then go to our boss and give them an update as to what we are doing as well as seek his or her input on what we can do to further their goals.

So, what views or perspectives are holding you back?  Like Monday’s it all comes down to how you see the world and what you are prepared to do to create your enduring brand.


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The Future of You: Creating Your Enduring Brand
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Wishing you continued success!



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    Do you like Monday’s?
    If not, Roz Usheroff may have the cure for those Monday morning Blues . . .

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