Have you ever asked yourself this one question; What makes me successful?

“Larry is a failure in everything except life.”

This line from the movie Cousins came to mind during a recent conversation I had with a friend who is both a writer and radio host.

We were talking about my new book and in particular how you define goals and ultimately achieve success as it relates to the creation of a personal mission statement.  Sipping his cup of coffee, he thought for a moment and then said “I think that success eludes us not because we don’t have it but because we fail to recognize it.”

I asked him “what do you mean when you say fail to recognize it?”

“Quite simply” he responded, “when we allow others to define for us what is and is not a worthy goal.”

“This is why” he added, “a personal mission statement is so important.”

Here is an individual who, during the dot com boom years successfully built a software company from the ground up and sold it for $12 million only to see his wealth disappear when the bubble ultimately burst.

At the time, he was by and large a typical Type A personality driven to succeed in terms of money, recognition (he was a 2x finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award), and a feeling of being the best in his area of expertise.

What is interesting is that despite his dramatic fall, the greatest challenge he faced was not in re-building his life, but in establishing a new measurement for success.

He admitted to me that for a long time he measured his accomplishments in the here and now based upon his old goals.  Goals as it turns out that did not truly align with what he valued but what he was taught to value re money and recognition.  He then read my book and my reference to Merlin Olsen’s personal mission statement and suddenly a light went on.

Merlin Olsen2

“I started to realize that all those night’s that I tossed and turned trying to figure out a way to rescale the heights of my former life had blinded me to the fact that I was already successful.”

“For me personally” he went on to say, “I realized that besides feeling blessed to have a wonderful family, my greatest joy and personal satisfaction comes from three things; writing, hosting a radio a show and cooking for my family and friends.”

Like the line from another famous movie City Slickers when Curly turns to Billy Crystal and tells him that the secret to happiness is “just one thing,” and that it is up to you to figure out what that one thing is, my friend finally discovered what his one – okay three things were.

The fact that my book played a part in his realization was rewarding to be certain.  But what I believe is more important is his belief that before you can build your enduring brand you have to first and foremost know what it is that drives you and towards what end you are ultimately working.  This is why the Personal Audit and Mission Statement creation are key parts of the First Step of my Brand Building Strategy.

So here is my question to you . . . what makes you successful?

Roz 3D Book Cover

In my new book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand, I explain in detail why doing an audit analysis and creating a personal mission statement are critical to building an enduring brand.

Order your copy today through my website, Amazon.com or Smashwords.



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