They Can Kill You But They Can’t Eat You or, why it is virtually impossible for someone to steal your ideas by Roz Usheroff

They Can Kill You But They Can’t Eat You is the name of a book written by Dawn Steel, who was one of the first women to run a major Hollywood film studio.

Sadly Dawn passed away in 1997 from a brain tumor at the age of 51.  However, her enduring legacy in the motion picture industry highlighted by huge hits such as When Harry Met Sally,  Flashdance, Top Gun, and Fatal Attraction, is indisputable.

So why am I sharing Dawn’s story with you regarding the potential theft of your ideas?

Like the title of Dawn’s book, which implies that figuratively speaking of course you can’t be eaten, means that it is a pointless exercise to kill you in the first place.  Well the same principle applies to someone trying to steal your ideas.

You and more specifically your brand, is the real engine that drives the acceptance of your ideas.  If people value you, then they will value your opinion and your expertise as the source of a great concept.

Conversely, how many people out there in the world after a new and innovative breakthrough hits the market lament “I thought of that years ago!”  In many cases this is likely true.  However the individual who ultimately brings a concept to fruition is the one who’s brand is front and center.  He or she is out there in the world willing to take risks and in the process build a name for themselves that paves the way for their success – even with an idea that may be the same as yours.

This is why you don’t look to protect an idea but instead share it with the world.  Own it and become its primary champion, and watch as the doors of opportunity open to attentive listeners who will want to hear about the great things that you have to offer.



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One response to “They Can Kill You But They Can’t Eat You or, why it is virtually impossible for someone to steal your ideas by Roz Usheroff”

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    Editor’s Note: When I read this post in Roz Usheroff’s Remarkable Leader blog it immediately brought to mind the fact that we i the procurement industry must step it up in terms of branding both ourselves and the value we bring to an organization. Or to put it another way, we have to stop asking or wishing for a seat at the executive table and start sitting down at the table.

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