What is your story? by Roz Usheroff

I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Bertice Berry speak and have to tell you that her humorous, yet powerfully insightful comments left quite an impression.

Berry who, has the sixth of seven children grew up poor in Wilmington, Delaware, defied the odds to graduate magna cum laude from Jacksionville University, receive The President’s Cup for Leadership and earn a Ph.D. in Sociology from Kent State University all by the ripe old age of 26, is one of a kind.


A regular fixture on television, this bestselling author has offered up gems of wisdom such as “When you walk with purpose you collide with destiny,” and “leaving a legacy is about illuminating a pathway for others to follow.”

However it was her statement that “The world is not connected by tiny atoms, it is connected by stories,” that resonated with me most recently because it speaks to the uniqueness of each life and the potential we all have to leave an enduring mark.

One of my favorite stories, which I share in my new The Future of You! video series on Udemy is about the street person that I had encountered one evening when a client and I went to dinner.  Here is the link to this segment from the series titled Become a Person of Gratitude & Power.

While I will leave you to check out the video to hear the whole story at your own convenience, suffice to say this homeless person reminded me that true power and the ability to influence is not based on individual circumstances but on possessing an attitude of gratitude.  And it was through his story that we made a connection, despite the seemingly obvious and glaring differences in our respective life situations.

This brings me back to Bertice Berry’s statement that we are all connected by stories.  Like the man in the street you too have an important story to share that is not defined by your job title or amplified by your accomplishments.

So here is my question to you . . . what is your story?



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