#eVAForum2013 The procurement professional’s Achilles heel by Jon Hansen

Note: This post originally appeared in the Procurement Insights Blog and makes reference to an SAP Academy training course featuring Roz Usheroff’s brand building strategy.

Procurement Insights

“Procurement professionals are great at delivering value, but terrible at promoting their value to their organization and beyond.”

This is the statement I made to open my second session at last weeks 25th Annual Public Procurement Forum in Virginia.

Titled Strategically Speaking: Procurement, the Organization and You, I focused on the significant changes that are taking place not only within our own profession but within the larger business world as a whole.  This included a detailed breakdown on how both Finance and IT professionals are themselves going through a major transformation, and what it means in terms of the dissolution of the functional silos that had for too long restricted rather than stimulate enterprise-wide collaboration.

As exciting a time as it is, to fully capitalize on this much larger and more diversified stage, procurement professionals need to become more adept at branding themselves and the value we bring.  Or as…

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