When Silence is Golden by Roz Usheroff

Perhaps I should not be surprised given my busy speaking schedule that I would one day lose my voice.

I am of course talking literally as opposed to figuratively.

Despite my best efforts to push through what had been a very sore throat, I awoke Friday morning to find that I could no longer talk.

While both disappointing and somewhat frustrating, it did get me to thinking about a Time magazine article I read this past May titled “Talk Your Way to Success” by Lauren Simonds.

In her article, Simonds talked about the importance of effective communication in terms of a company’s growth and success.  This of course is no surprise as you have to be heard to be seen, and seen to succeed.

However, there are other important ways to get noticed that extends well beyond what you say in the here and now, including the strength of your personal brand.  When I refer to the strength of your personal brand, I am talking about the past experiences that others have had with you and how it has shaped their view of your value.  Or to put it another way, have you walked your talk!

Ultimately, the value of your words only mean something if they are consistent with your past actions and results.

For example, have you delivered on your promises in the past?  Did you complete a project on time or, fulfill a client expectation?

If you consistently fall short, your voice over time will ultimately be muted even if you do not literally lose your ability to speak.

So how or when is silence golden?  When it provides you with an opportunity to stop talking and start assessing your ability to make a truly positive impact within your world.

So are you?

Roz 3D Book Cover

In my new book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand, I show you how to create your personal “Brag Bag” that will enable you to effectively demonstrate your value in terms of helping others to achieve their goals.

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2 responses to “When Silence is Golden by Roz Usheroff”

  1. Laura Artibello says :

    Is it karma when we are reminded of things to remember when we are in the middle of doing them the wrong way? Hope so, because that’s what I call a gift! More good words to remember and follow. Roz, you keep us on our toes, thanks!

  2. Rosalind Usheroff says :

    What an interesting perspective about Karma. I remember years back when I tore my archives tendon and had to travel with a wheelchair for three months. It was the first time that I was forced to ask for help, especially in snowstorms.
    I am reminded once again that there are lessons we need to learn and they show up in very unexpected ways. When I finally got my cast off and put my foot to the ground, I felt like I was the luckiest person in the world. My only fear, having recently lost my voice, was that my friends and family may have liked me better for my listening skills. It is absolutely Karma! Thanks for your wisdom!

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