Are you managing yourself to success? by Roz Usheroff

“These executives were true pioneers. Surely some CIOs today are CEO material, Boushy says, but they may not be positioning themselves well. He had his sights set on being CEO early on in his career. “Things didn’t just happen to me. I managed them to happen to me,” he says.”

I recently came across a September 25th, 2013 article in CIO magazine from which the above excerpt was taken.

Even though I had read it when it was first published, in reading the article today, I was again reminded of how important it is to adopt a CEO mindset regardless of whether you are working in a Fortune 500 company or are an entrepreneur running a small enterprise.

In my book The Future of You! I talk about this at some length.  Specifically, that it is critical to have an entrepreneurial mindset in which you act like your “own CEO.”  This is a key realization because as the individual referenced in the opening paragraph put it, Things don’t just happen to you.  You have to manage them to happen to you.

Business Charts

So how do you manage to success?  Here are just a few of my essential tips for becoming the CEO of your own destiny:

  • To start, it means that you will listen to what your “customers” are saying, and then position your unique capabilities to meet their interests and needs, all the while being true to your personal mission statement.
  • As the CEO of your own company or brand, you also have to recognize that you are the manager and owner of your PR strategy. When you deliver tangible value and outcomes for others, you have to be able to talk about what you have accomplished in a manner that promotes your personal brand.
  • Besides having a strategic vision and a meticulous plan, the best CEOs also know there is an unbreakable link between their personal brand and their management style.  In essence and as two-time Mr. Universe winner Nordine Zouareg  once told me, “how you live your life is how you live your brand.”  The two must always be in sync with one another for you to be seen as genuine and trustworthy, as well as maintaining a personal sense of being grounded.
  • Finally, you have to be both honest and direct, and not just with others but with yourself.  In my March 4th post “What makes YOU amazing?,” I talked about discovering your unique ability or abilities that make you amazing and, asked if you are using them in your present position?  If you are congratulations.  If not, perhaps it is time to take a step back and have a heart-to-heart with yourself regarding your definition of success and how to align yourself to better achieve the outcome your gifts or talents warrant.



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