Leading from within the pack by Roz Usheroff

We are all probably familiar with the chicken or the egg scenario when it comes to landing our first job.  You know the the one where they will only hire someone with experience to which the candidate replies “how can I get the experience if you won’t hire me?!”

Funny thing is that when it comes to leadership, and in particular creating what I call an Executive Presence, the above principle equally applies.

So what is Executive Presence?

“Well” let’s look first at what it isn’t.

Executive Presence is not based on your present position within your organization.  Nor is it based on a title.

Quite simply Executive Presence is a special quality that inspires others to follow and fosters allegiance and devotion.


In a poll that was taken during one of my recent Webinars attendees were asked the question; What defines someone who has Executive Presence?

They were provided with 4 options including; Competence; do you know the right thing to do?, Character; are you willing to do the right thing?, Capability; can you get it done? and, Role Model; do you attract followers?

More than 59% of those who responded selected Role Model.

What is even more telling, is that this was an audience that was made up of people from all parts of the world.  In other words, there is to a large degree a universiality in what people value in terms of what makes a great leader!

Looking back over your lifetime think about who you considered to be your role model.  Someone that you as well as others would follow.  What made them a role model?  Was it position or financial wealth?  Or was it something more significant . . . something about the way in which they carried themselves, and the values by which they lived their life?

This of course is my point.  You do not have to wait to be given a position of leadership to be a leader.  You can lead from within the pack by simply being the best that you can be and helping others to be the best that they can be.




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