If you can’t be brilliant, at least be (authentically) memorable by Roz Usheroff

What is the key to becoming memorable?  

Be yourself!

In fact being yourself is the key to everything that you are and hope to be in both your career and in your life.  It is the foundation of you and all you stand for.


Unfortunately, personal branding is often viewed as an exercise in packaging yourself to be something that you are not in the hope of gaining acceptance from others.  

Rather than creating a strong and memorable presence, trying to be all things to all people actually mutes your distinct voice.  In essence you merely become an echo or reflection of what someone wants to hear as opposed to what they may really need to hear.  Or as a senior executive from IBM once told me, “if both of us agree on everything all of the time, then one of us is redundant.”

The fact is to be truly memorable means that you have to have the courage and confidence to stand out.

Standing out of course does not mean being gratuitously outrageous or incessantly banging the look at me because I am making noise drum.

Standing out means standing firmly on your core values and being passionate about an idea or concept that really moves you.

Think about this last statement for a moment, especially in the context of having the courage and confidence to speak up and be seen.

When you are truly passionate about something you are not tentative in talking about it, even if you discover that others may not share your same position.  Nowhere was the truth and importance of this last point better illustrated than in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

In her July 29th Post, Joan Solotar wrote about her interview with former Ogilvy and Mather CEO Shelly Lazarus.  Specifically Lazarus’ advice that gaining consensus is not as important as how you express your opinions or ideas.  According to Lazarus, it is “not just what you say, but how you say it” that truly matters most.

In other words, even though your brilliant idea may be shot down and quickly forgotten, your manner or passion in presenting your idea, will continue to resonate long after the meeting is over.  

Authenticity + Passion = Being Memorable

But to have this kind of passion you must be authentic, because it is through your authenticity that your true brand will ultimately shine.  And when you shine, you become (authentically) memorable.



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