How To Make 2015 Your Breakout Year

Removing The Obstacles That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Success

At the end of January, my new “How To Make 2015 Your Breakout Year” 20 page Guide will be published and available for purchase.

The following is an excerpt from The Guide.

While I have written many books, articles and blog posts, as well as traveled the world extensively in the past 20 years, speaking to audiences around the globe, I have a special passion for this Guide.

This passion transcends the humble desire to simply help people to enjoy a greater level of success than they may have previously known. What I am talking about is a level of success that is not based on an external scale established by a dynamically changing “outside” world. The kind of success I am talking about enables you to derive the greatest level of personal satisfaction. It’s about having a peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re living up to your own unique potential both as a professional and as a person.

Let’s face it, just as your fingerprints are unique to you, so too is your view of the obstacles that you have. Unresolved, these obstacles will invariably continue to interfere with your journey on the road of life.

What this Guide does differently is help you, in your own way, to recognize the common obstacles that befall all of us. It is through this recognition that you will ultimately be provided with the ability to take action within the framework of your own unique gifts and abilities.

For you to derive the greatest benefits from this Guide, you must bring something to the table. It is not a high IQ, or an intuitive perspective that will enable only a few select people to decode a secret message. After all, and as you will discover in the following pages, there is in reality no secret to success. In fact, success is based upon something that is actually within each and every one of us. While it may, as the Acres of Diamonds fable so profoundly put it, be hidden in plain sight, success is like the air we breathe in that it is equally accessible to everyone.

This last point is the most important principle that you must accept – that success, or the opportunity for success – is equally available to everyone. Not surprisingly, this is also the first obstacle to be indentified and overcome.

By looking beyond your individual circumstances or present starting point, and by accepting that success is accessible to you personally, you’ll unleash a power that will both inspire and propel you towards greater achievement.

It will create in you the desire to want something better, a determination to take action, and an attitude of perseverance to work towards making the necessary changes to be all you can be, and all you were meant to be.

The Next Hurdles

Now that you have accepted the immutable truth that like a Donald Trump or the bag boy at the local supermarket, you have the same opportunity to achieve your goals, you are now ready. When I say ready, I mean ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle the other obstacles that stand between where you are today, and where you were meant to be.

The Fear of Failure

According to a June 14th, 2014 PsychCentral article by Tellman Knudson, CHT, we all have a fear of failure.

In an effort to help you to determine if you are one of the many who if not paralyzed by a fear of failure, are at least hindered by it, Knudson posed three simple questions.

The three questions are as follows;

  1. Do you ever put off doing something because you’re not sure how it will turn out?
  2. Do you avoid situations where you will have to try something new in front of people?
  3. Have you ever put off doing something you know will improve your life, even though you have no good reason not to do it?

Casting so wide a net, it is not surprising that Knudson’s article is titled “Why We All Have A Fear of Failure.”

The issue I have with this quiz is its potential implications that suggest the existence of fear is in and of itself a bad thing. I especially disagree when the author refers to a fear of failure as “not being useful,” and “short-sighted” as well as being a “kind of neurosis that keeps us from attempting to accomplish anything at all.”

Knudsen, who is a practicing hypnotherapist, then erroneously makes the contention that “failing is certainly not seen as a prerequisite for success.”

Based on Knudsen’s take, I think that people will more likely have a fear of talking about the fear failure than having the actual fear of failure itself.

The fact is that fear, and more specifically the fear of failure, does affect all of us at one point in time or another. Whether we are trying something for the first time or the thousandth time, it doesn’t matter. It is therefore not the fear itself that is the problem, but how we deal with it.

In short, it is our attitude towards fear that determines our ability to overcome it.

Reflect on these words again . . . it is our attitude towards fear – in whatever form it takes – that determines our ability to overcome it.

Note that I did not talk about the removal of fear, or the need to disprove the merits behind its basis or origins. Overcoming fear in its truest form is not denying fear but taking action in spite of it.

How do you deal with your fear of failure?

Based on my experience, it is important to accept the fact that the potential for failure is as inevitable as the potential for success. The key therefore is not to dwell on one or the other, but on taking meaningful action regardless of the outcome.

2015 Guide Cover

I hope you will invest in How To Make 2015 Your Breakout Year because you deserve to live out your dreams! Order your full copy through the following link; (


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