How Colonel Sanders Can Help You Reenergize Your Brand

In my book The Future Of You: Creating Your Enduring Brand, I wrote that even though Colonel Sanders’  Kentucky Fried Chicken brand image had experienced several transformations over the years, its core specialty is and continues to be chicken.  Go ahead and ask someone what comes to mind when you say KFC.  Almost instantly they will say chicken . . . fried chicken.

Now why am I talking about the Colonel today?

If you have seen the recent series of commercials in which Colonel Harland Sanders has been reincarnated in the form of numerous famous actors and comedians, you will immediately know why. The commercials are a riot. The Colonel is hip!

Beyond watching the videos  – by the way, be sure to check out the one with the guy giving his girlfriend a corsage with a crispy chicken thigh to be worn on her hand – I want you to also think of how you are, and how you want, to be perceived.


No this doesn’t mean that I want you to imagine yourself in a white suit with the Colonel’s black tie.

When I ask you to think about perception, I am talking about how leadership, colleagues and your customers view you in terms of your current day relevancy and impact on them. Specifically, are you able to project a newer and more up to date image, while still remaining true to your originality and those things that make you unique?

The Colonel certainly has. In fact, one might say that he has come full circle in that the franchise has returned to its origins, after spending years trying to find its place in an ever changing market.

During that period, when KFC attempted to introduce a new menu of “healthy foods,” it saw its once dominant market share drop dramatically. There was no familiar Colonel with whom the public could relate.

The brand lost itself in its attempts to adapt and compete, and subsequently drifted. It didn’t fit in anywhere.

Have you ever felt like that in your career . . . lost and uncertain as to where you fit in within your organization.

If you have, maybe it’s time to take a cue from the Colonel and rediscover and reenergize what originally made YOU great!




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2 responses to “How Colonel Sanders Can Help You Reenergize Your Brand”

  1. Gloria Starr says :

    Excellent article and so very true!

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