Who is a Remarkable Leader?

Even though we live and do business in a world of virtual relationships, globalized economies and multi-generational workforces, there are still basic principles associated with how we relate and interact with those with whom we come in contact on a daily basis.

To be a truly remarkable leader, Roz Usheroff writes, you must be grounded in who you are, clear in the value you bring to those around you and able to communicate your greatest assets with power and presence.

Of course a leader is not limited to someone who has a title or position on a corporate management chart, because we are all ultimately leaders in terms of the development and ongoing management of our own reputation and brand.

The focus of this blog is to help you to identify and develop your inherent leadership skills to forge strong and lasting relationships in the business world, while firmly establishing your brand as a valuable contributor to your organization and the clients you serve.



7 responses to “Who is a Remarkable Leader?”

  1. John McCubbin says :

    What an impressive web site! I will try to listen to your next radio broadcast

  2. Zoe Robinson says :

    I LOVE your stuff!!!

  3. Leeford Grant says :

    Have been keenly following you after reading your book ”Customizing your Career” which really shaped my career path.

    This piece is a noble one too

  4. Sylvia Liner says :

    Thank you for being the inspiring leader and mentor to those of us who are navigating a complex and ever changing world. You clear the way for better, out of the box understanding.

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