Meet Roz Usheroff

“Usheroff influences, inspires, educates and pushes leaders to maximize their talents” – Camille Garnett, HBA Florida president

As an expert in her field, Roz Usheroff is one of the most sought-after communication, image and branding specialists, working internationally with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers, sales teams and entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Usheroff Institute, where she infuses her clients with the strategies and insights necessary to understand the dynamics and subtleties of professional communication, impression management and the art of personal leadership. She is also the author of The Remarkable Leader Blog, which has gained a reputation for insightful and thought-provoking commentary on what it takes to succeed in the new global economy.

Contact Roz and her team to learn more about how she will help you to create a memorable experience for your audience with a customized presentation targeted to address specific business or training objectives.


What Roz will do for you . . .

  • Roz Usheroff turns managers into leaders. A professional speaker, author, and executive coach, Roz gives people specific and practical tools to achieve leadership and communication success.
  • Roz transforms business people to showcase their unique abilities using inspirational communication skills.
  • Roz influences, inspires, educates and pushes leaders to maximize on their talents, inspire followers and “WOW” their audiences. She truly understands the challenges of leading in today’s economic downturn and enjoys leading people from hopes to reality in their careers.



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